I Have Your Heart


After two long years, the stopmotion animation that Kim Boekbinder, Molly Crabapple, and myself have been working on is finally done!

The film launched on BoingBoing, with a nice interview with us all about the process of making the film. Go have a read! 

Once  again a huge thank you to all our Kickstarter backers, we couldn't have done this without you. Watch it, share it, spread the word!
I created this hypnotic experimental music video for the new single on Kim Boekbinder's new space themed-album The Sky Is Calling.

The video is primarily made up of individual frames of raw data sent back from NASA spacecraft. I love the eerie monochrome glitched up look  they have, before NASA carefully cleans and calibrate the images. There’s an inherent beauty in the unfiltered footage, driven by the aesthetics of how this spacecraft watches the solar system. A machine-vision perspective on the cosmos.

For more about making the video and song check out our post on Warren Ellis's blog, or this piece over at Science House!

Had a great time shooting this stopmotion music video with Amanda Palmer. Full of chaotic energy, nudity, graffiti, typography, this film exploded onto the internet & did us proud. Big shout out to artist Curran James for his calligraphic skills!

For a glimpse behind the scenes, check out Amanda's post about it on her blog!

Very proud to have shot & edited the video for Amanda Palmer's kickstarter, which has made over ONE MILLION DOLLARS and still climbing...


_At the tail end of last year I had a blast shooting this raucous and debaucherous music video for the Brothers Grim track 'On The Meter'. There is no truth to the rumours of an 'uncut' version of this video, none what so ever...

The Year of 2011


_Last year was so very full, a wonderful time of travel, romance, new people, and inspiration, mixed with long stretches of being a good art hermit locked in my studio cave working. I sat down and wrote a list of the amazing things I was part of in the year of twenty eleven. Check it out here: www.jimbatt.tumblr.com
I'm currently in the studio, hard at work on a short stopmotion animation in collaboration with artist Molly Crabapple and musician Kim Boekbinder. We successfully crowd-funded the project on Kickstarter, raising over $17,000 in donations! (Click for the full story...)
I was extremely excited to have the opportunity over the summer to shoot a music video with the amazing force of nature that is Amanda Palmer (known to some as one half of the Dresden Dolls). We shot a beautiful video for her song 'In My Mind' in an amazing old ruined hotel, complete with decaying ballroom.

There's quite a story behind how this video came about, you can read all about it it and the benefits of seizing the moment, in a joint post that Amanda and I wrote for her blog: bit.ly/em8HV8
The wonderful music of Kim Boekbinder creates such evocative imagery, both haunting and sparkly, that it was a real pleasure to work with her on shooting these music videos. We have more videos currently in progress, but in the meantime here are the two that have been released so far.

You can check out more of Kim's music at www.theimpossiblegirl.com
The music video I directed for the Barons of Tang is finally finished, and was launched at the Stucco Cooperative in Sydney last week in conjunction with the BoHo Ball's tour of debauchery and merriment. As I am in New York currently, I missed out on being present in person, but am happy to hear that the night was a huge success, supported by many other amazing acts from the vaudeville underground and topped by a typically riotous performance by the Barons themselves.
The clip has also been released online so take a look at Villain (Stage Left) - a tale of lust and violence, moustaches and smouldering looks, told in the tradition of the Parisian Apache Dance from the speakeasies of the 1920s. (Click for more...)